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Beauty Hunters - Muscle Memory Beauty Hunters - Muscle Memory LP

Released on Jan 24, 2020!

Beauty Hunters - Muscle Memory LP. Seattle’s Beauty Hunters make their recording debut with the full-length Muscle Memory on Dirty Knobby. Featuring Guy Maddison (Bloodloss, Mudhoney, Lubricated Goat) and Sean Hollowell (Steel Wool) on synthesizers and Curt Buchberger on projections, the band recorded three live in the studio tracks for the record that harken back to the days when post-punk intersected with early industrial and German experimental. The band’s non-conventional approach to playing shows means they shun traditional music venues and instead prefer to play outside in parks, at skate ramps, around art installations, or in various retail locations. The band uses projectors to drop visuals to accompany the music and in order to approximate the live experience the record comes with neon prismatic glasses to wear while watching a YouTube video of the recording of the record. For fans of Throbbing Gristle, Asmus Tietchens, Cluster, Robert Rental. $18.00.

GAM-Eiszeit GAM - Eiszeit LP

GAM - Eiszeit LP - Underground German kosmic rock band GAM recorded their sole record, Eiszeit, in 1978 and then shelved it after the master tape disappeared. Comprised of echo-guitar pioneer Günter Schickert, guitarist Axel Struck, and drummer Michael Leske, GAM’s record sat undiscovered and thought lost until The Crack in the Cosmic Egg authors Alan and Steven Freeman tracked down Günter, found out that he had a copy of the recording, and released it on CD on their label, Cosmic Egg, in 2004. Championed by Julian Cope, GAM wove echoed guitars and tripped-out vocals together over a tight rhythmic groove that still sounds current thirty odd years after their recording date. First time on LP, this record was mastered from 1/4" tape by Timothy Stollenwerk and features a tip-on sleeve and a color insert with English and German liner notes. Eiszeit will appeal to fans of early Ash Ra Tempel, Cosmic Jokers, and Achim Reichel and the Machines. 500 pressed. $18.

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Richard Youngs - A Stolen Ringboy 7"

Richard Youngs – A Stolen Ringbuoy 7”- Constantly challenging and fearlessly original, Richard has been prolific in the underground scene since 1990 and has released records on his own label No Fans, as well as VHF, Dekorder, Fourth Dimension, Jagjaguwar, Ba Da Bing and countless other s. These two solo songs feature Richard in classic full-on experimental mode with abstract guitar lines, electronics, and double-tracked vocals. 300 pressed.

mind_over_mirrors_cover Mind Over Mirrors - Near Your Dwelling 7"

Mind Over Mirrors - Near Your Dwelling 7" - Following releases on Digitalis and Gift Tapes, Jaime Fennelly’s solo project, Mind Over Mirrors, makes its seven-inch debut on Dirty Knobby. Also a member of bands PeeEssEye and Acid Birds, Jaime started his new solo project after living and working in the forests of the San Juan Islands. Using processed Indian pedal harmonium / pipe organ, Mind Over Mirrors create two spare and lovely new tracks. Side one starts with a rippling amber 70’s vibration … and then lies back to watch the stars wheeling beyond the trees through a towering dark blue night. Side two also builds an atmosphere from just a few repeated notes, but this one is joyfully weaving ribbons around a maypole, a more earthbound beauty. 500 pressed.

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evening_meetings_cover Evening Meetings- Forgotten in Seconds 7"

Evening Meetings - Forgotten in Seconds 7" - Debut record from Evening Meetings. This is a groovy number! Seattle’s A-Frames/AFCGT/Factums/Love Tan/Le Sang Song folks’ new musical trip. ‘Forgotten’ goes for some sturm & klang rock with a guitar played with a big pissy ham fist. It’s got the 3 R’s (repetition repetition, repetition), a squeaky toy and quite a bit more besides. ‘Hello Mr Evening’ gets on with it with some heads down kosmische space boogaloo, simple & propulsive, muttering “ I don’t know how to get down.” It’s OK – you can stay up there. 500 pressed.

bloodloss_cover Blood Loss- Lost My Head for Drink LP

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Bloodloss - Lost My Head for Drink LP. Long lost, final recordings by legendary Seattle via Sydney Austrailia band, Bloodloss. After prior records with Greasy Pop, Abherrant, Sympathy for the Records Industry, and In the Red, Bloodloss recorded this record in 1996 and it sat unmixed until summer of 2010. Comprised of Lubricated Goat, Monkeywrench, and Mudhoney members, Bloodloss played scuzzed out, Beefheart/spastic jazz-influenced punk rock with one leg in the garage and their arse in the swamp. 1,000 pressed with digital download coupon.

scraps_cover Scraps- A Salty Sea 7".

Scraps- A salty sea b/w Shepard to Sleep 7"- Ex/current members of the Popular Shapes, the Pulses, the Shackles and the Intelligence, but who bloody cares? These buggers apparrently group materialized one day and brewed up a bunch of so simple it's genius pop things what grgnzlrg put out on cd. We loved it and so we nicked our two fave songs for vinylising. Keyboards, wood blocks, guitar and break the surface sung-together-since-we-was-born vocals. It's a joy thing is what it is. 500 pressed.

i see my liver Pumice- I See My Liver in You 7".

Pumice Magnedisc Recordings of gFrenzy Songs 7" – Bleedin gorgeous. Pumice covers 4 songs by NZ genius recluse gFrenzy, and the results will make you want to throw all yr other records out of the window. Seriously unique and utterly gleeful warble-fi gems. Stefan Pumice sez "it's a pretty rugged record. 4 gfrenzy songs, i recorded it on this weird dictation machine from the 1940s. it's like a turntable but has special flexi discs made of magnetic oxide like analogue tape and instead of a stylus the arm has a magnetic record/playback tapehead. the speed is inconsistent so it sounds wobbly too. all live all mono. hope you like it." If you don't, you're a soulless git. Please go away. 500 pressed.

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Intelligence/Unnatural Helpers Intelligence / Unnatural Helpers split 7"

The Intelligence / Unnatural Helpers – split 7" – At last! The single we've all been waiting for! Unnatural Helpers & the Intelligence cover each others' top ten singles. See! Intelligence Getting Classy. Hear! Helpers gettin Confident. Lars Intelligence & his legendary 7 track bang out 3 outstanding Helpers covers, and the Helpers return the favour with their brill Dutchess & the Dean take on 2 Intelligence songs. Worth it for the cover alone. 500 pressed.

Peter Wright- Terrifying Realisation Peter Wright- Terrifying Realisation 7".

Peter Wright – The Terrifying Realisation We Might Be Wrong 7" - Peter returns for a 2nd single on dirty knobby. This three song EP is an organic wash of gorgeous drones made from a contact microphone, Bulbul Tarang, 12-string, found noise/field sounds, and laptop effects. The pieces run the gamut from abrasive machine noise grind to blissed-out ambient hush and back. 500 pressed.

Fresh and Onlys- Tell You Everything Fresh and Onlys- Tell You Everything 7" EP

The Fresh and Onlys 7" EP - 2nd EP from San Francisco's Finest. Featuring members of Black Fiction and Skygreen Leopards, the Fresh and Onlys bust out three freakbeatpop hits with the best goddamn harmonies you’ll hear all year. We love these guys and wish they were our neighbors. The band also has current and future full lengths on Castle Face and Woodsist. 500 pressed. Second pressing - 500.

Our Love Will Destroy The World Our Love Will Destroy The World 7".

Our Love Will Destroy the World Polished Glass Autobahn 7" – Debut single of the new project by Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel / Black Boned Angel). Campbell says "Shoot. The goddamn funkiest noise record ever? Like a bop-off between Rudolph Grey and Terminator X. Grinding psychedirgecore plastered over ghastly electrosplatter and ambivalent fake-americana strummage. And that's just side one! Side two grovels in halls of gravel, blurring the line between this world and the next... like Aldous Huxley writing a book about how he lost his marbles whilst listening to Hawkwind. Like, like, like...EVERYBODYDANCENOW!)" Sure to pack the dance floors in Hades. 500 pressed.

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afcgt album AFCGT s/t 10" EP "Sold Out."

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AFCGT s/t 10" EP- Following the extremely limited cd-r, AFCGT (or A-Frames Climax Golden Twins) drop eight new mangled tunes for their debut vinyl release. A truly rare case of a supergroup living up to expectations. AFCGT unholy racket goes from noise punk jams to tripped out psychedelic intergalactic excursions. 500 pressed on mainly 10" red vinyl.

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alstralsocialclub album Astral Social Club - Monster Mittens 7"

Astral Social Club Monster Mittens 7" - New single by Neil Campbell's ever-evolving solo project, Astral Social Club. Neil (A Band, Vibracathedral Orchestra) with assistance from Karl Bauer (Axolotl) unleashes two electronic psychedelic noise jams with distorted loops, cascading feedback, and the sound of hypnotic drones recorded in space. 500 pressed.

Peter Wright Magpie Attack Peter Wright- Magpie Attack 7"

Peter Wright Magpie Attack on the Back Road to Albert Town 7" - New 2-song single by New Zealand-born, London-based Peter Wright. Aquarius Records says Peter is "one of the most compelling sound makers we have ever heard" and has released records on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Drone, Last Visible Dog, Digitalis, and PseudoArcana. Peter uses a 12-string guitar, effects, amplified mini tambura, bells, chimes, and other gizmos to create powerful, organic noise. For fans of Smith and Youngs, Matthew Bower, and Birchville Cat Motel. Mastered by John Golden for maximum volume and pressed on thick vinyl. 500 pressed

Unnatural Helpers s/t Unnatural Helpers s/t CD

Unnatural Helpers s/t cd- 13 song opus of beer-fueled garage rock pop that's too good for the normally tired genre. Featuring Dean and Mike, the dingleberries behind Double Fudge, the band is filled out by current/ex-members of the Intelligence, the Diapers, the Lights, the Pulse, Welcome, and Sick Bees on this hit-fill collection. A virtual who's of who of Underground Seattle rock, the Helpers debuted on the infamous S-S records, Babyhead compilation, and dished out this hot rock platter before their equally boss Dirty Knobby EP,A full length on Hardly Art is up next for the band, so jump aboard the Hype Train now!

helpers cover Unnatural Helpers- Earwax 7"
"Sold Out."

Unnatural Helpers Earwax 7" EP – Current / fired / goofiest members of Welcome, Double Fudge, the Intelligence, Dipers, Kinski, Tight Bros from Way Back When, and a million other bands follow up their debut CD with five more short, smart ass songs about mouth holes, lousy TV, New York City, bad food, and other sordid subjects. 500 pressed, hand-made covers.

by dirty knobby industries
Drills- Skull Death Drills- Skull Death "Sold Out."

The Drills Skull Death 2 7"- Recordings from Seattle's noisiest hardcore band. They were formed by two thirtysomething ex-hippies with distortion boxes and a drum machine who fell in love with the local hardcore scene, recruited some young punks, and recorded a bunch of racket that was out of step with the world. They appeared on the 1983 What Syndrome cassette compilation tape along with the Fartz, the Rejectors, Mr. Epp, Silly Killers, and Solger, and played loud, noisy, and primitive punk rock. These recordings were lost for 25 years until now... Think Forming-era Germs meet Bobby Sox or something equally as awsome and you'll be close. 500 pressed.